The power game

For my fourth news report, I was to highlight that how the limited number of table tennis tables in Nust School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ( Seecs ) was creating problems for the students.
Initially, I did not think that SEECS table tennis story would be hard. Well, I should have known better, considering I complained about the Nust hostel management once and was badly admonished.

Nust administration takes any sort of criticism quite personal. It does not think in terms of improving the situation but rather goes after the person who files a complaint. This reflects a narrow mindset.

I faced the same problem when I asked the OIC sports SEECS, Sehrish Fatima about the limited number of table tennis tables. She talked about teaching students a lesson. And then she said that students do not complain. Why would the students complain when they show such negative attitude?

The management team (MT) supervisor, Muhammad Khawar was not rude at all but he did not take any responsibility and continued to blame the higher authority and lack of space for the problem.

While some students talked about their experiences and what sort of hurdles they face, many refused due to comment due to administrative rebuke.
Some female students had a list of problems, they also had suggestions but they refused to give their names and I could not write that in my report.

I believe that reporting on poor management in Nust is not easy at all. It is not only problematic for the students we interview but also for the reporters.

The Nust administration had threatened to expel me a few months back. I am not afraid at all. But I have to admit, they have the power over me because the most important thing right now is my degree.


The final game of PSL 2017

For my last  PSL related news report,  I had to interview people about their views regarding the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final match.
By the time I set out to interview people for this news report, I had already worked on two reports. So I had a little idea of how to approach different people and how to ask the right questions.I was also determined not to repeat the writing mistakes I made in the initial reports.
I wanted to interview those people who properly follow cricket and had more knowledge.
So I went to the Nust School of Chemical and Material Engineering (SCME) cricket ground. The cricket fans there were enthusiastic and eagerly wanted to give their point of view.
Most of them were glad that the PSL final was being conducted in Pakistan. But they found the match boring as it lacked the spark that was there in the play-off match between Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi.
I also approached some random people, mostly in Nust, as to have a balanced report. I didn’t get many different responses except the Nust shopkeeper’s response who firmly believed that the match was fixed.

I didn’t face any hurdles as it was a simple reaction piece.

The first news report

For my first story, I was given the task of of asking people about their favorite Pakistan Super League(PSL) team. For the second one I asked people about their thoughts on PSL final which was hosted in Lahore.
I was very excited for my first report. I knew the process wouldn’t be easy but nevertheless the excitement was there.

For the first story, I got vague responses. Many people I approached did not even know what PSL was. That was surprising because PSL was every where on mainstream and social media.
Some people were asking their friends about which team they support and some were totally confused.
I became frustrated, not because of their responses, but because I felt like my I was not doing my task properly. I think it is reporters` job to make people respond the way they want them to.
For my second story, people had properly formed opinions and I was quite satisfied.

Then came the part of writing a report and I was confused about how to organize everything. I was too conscious of the word limit and that led to many mistakes. I did a terrible job at combining everything properly.
And when the edited version of the stories came, I felt depressed.
I am perfectionist and my brain couldn’t comprehend the fact that I made such silly mistakes.
I consoled myself by saying that I made a sincere effort and things will eventually improve.

Entering the field of news reporting

Sports journalism is about reporting on different sports events. In Pakistan, sports journalism means cricket journalism because the primary focus is cricket even though it is not our national sport.

Even if we narrow sports journalism to cricket journalism, I feel that there are many different areas to report on. And it is all because of the evolution of this sport over the years. It is not about just Test cricket anymore. Many different formats and leagues have come out. Now women have a separate national team in every Test playing country. Besides cricket, Pakistan government recently started focusing on the cycling events and girls are encouraged to take part in those events which is commendable.

I want to start my news reporting and writing from the sports events in the campus. Currently there are different events going in NUST like the NUST Gibian Olympiad and also a small football event named Futsal in IESE department.

I want to focus on five main areas in my sports beat reporting and this is separate from the coverage of different matches.

The first thing is I am interested in is the investigative sports journalism. This involves reports about match fixing and the propaganda, corruption and nepotism that exist within a sports organization. ( primary focus is cricket)

The second thing I want to find out is why women cricket team matches are not given a broader coverage as compared to the men’s team. In Pakistan the women team matches are seldom broadcasted so there is no way viewers in Pakistan can watch it. We can only get ball by ball updates on the Internet.

The next thing I want to report on is what difficulties young players face in carrying out sports activities along with their studies and how significant formal education is for the players.

I am also quite interested in reporting about different cycling events in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

I also want to report on the steps (if any) taken by the government to facilitate the emerging players.