The power game

For my fourth news report, I was to highlight that how the limited number of table tennis tables in Nust School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ( Seecs ) was creating problems for the students.
Initially, I did not think that SEECS table tennis story would be hard. Well, I should have known better, considering I complained about the Nust hostel management once and was badly admonished.

Nust administration takes any sort of criticism quite personal. It does not think in terms of improving the situation but rather goes after the person who files a complaint. This reflects a narrow mindset.

I faced the same problem when I asked the OIC sports SEECS, Sehrish Fatima about the limited number of table tennis tables. She talked about teaching students a lesson. And then she said that students do not complain. Why would the students complain when they show such negative attitude?

The management team (MT) supervisor, Muhammad Khawar was not rude at all but he did not take any responsibility and continued to blame the higher authority and lack of space for the problem.

While some students talked about their experiences and what sort of hurdles they face, many refused due to comment due to administrative rebuke.
Some female students had a list of problems, they also had suggestions but they refused to give their names and I could not write that in my report.

I believe that reporting on poor management in Nust is not easy at all. It is not only problematic for the students we interview but also for the reporters.

The Nust administration had threatened to expel me a few months back. I am not afraid at all. But I have to admit, they have the power over me because the most important thing right now is my degree.


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