The first news report

For my first story, I was given the task of of asking people about their favorite Pakistan Super League(PSL) team. For the second one I asked people about their thoughts on PSL final which was hosted in Lahore.
I was very excited for my first report. I knew the process wouldn’t be easy but nevertheless the excitement was there.

For the first story, I got vague responses. Many people I approached did not even know what PSL was. That was surprising because PSL was every where on mainstream and social media.
Some people were asking their friends about which team they support and some were totally confused.
I became frustrated, not because of their responses, but because I felt like my I was not doing my task properly. I think it is reporters` job to make people respond the way they want them to.
For my second story, people had properly formed opinions and I was quite satisfied.

Then came the part of writing a report and I was confused about how to organize everything. I was too conscious of the word limit and that led to many mistakes. I did a terrible job at combining everything properly.
And when the edited version of the stories came, I felt depressed.
I am perfectionist and my brain couldn’t comprehend the fact that I made such silly mistakes.
I consoled myself by saying that I made a sincere effort and things will eventually improve.


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