Entering the field of news reporting

Sports journalism is about reporting on different sports events. In Pakistan, sports journalism means cricket journalism because the primary focus is cricket even though it is not our national sport.

Even if we narrow sports journalism to cricket journalism, I feel that there are many different areas to report on. And it is all because of the evolution of this sport over the years. It is not about just Test cricket anymore. Many different formats and leagues have come out. Now women have a separate national team in every Test playing country. Besides cricket, Pakistan government recently started focusing on the cycling events and girls are encouraged to take part in those events which is commendable.

I want to start my news reporting and writing from the sports events in the campus. Currently there are different events going in NUST like the NUST Gibian Olympiad and also a small football event named Futsal in IESE department.

I want to focus on five main areas in my sports beat reporting and this is separate from the coverage of different matches.

The first thing is I am interested in is the investigative sports journalism. This involves reports about match fixing and the propaganda, corruption and nepotism that exist within a sports organization. ( primary focus is cricket)

The second thing I want to find out is why women cricket team matches are not given a broader coverage as compared to the men’s team. In Pakistan the women team matches are seldom broadcasted so there is no way viewers in Pakistan can watch it. We can only get ball by ball updates on the Internet.

The next thing I want to report on is what difficulties young players face in carrying out sports activities along with their studies and how significant formal education is for the players.

I am also quite interested in reporting about different cycling events in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

I also want to report on the steps (if any) taken by the government to facilitate the emerging players.


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